Material Boostrap 4 DNN Theme


Material Bootstrap 4 DNN Theme is a theme for the DNN 9 platform inspired by Google Material Design. Use the wonderful Creative Tim Free Bootstrap 4 Material Design UI Kit for the creation of the components of the Tokens and Objects.

Material Design is a style guide which was launched by Google in 2014 with the objective of unifying aesthetic and functional criteria -based processes and experiences around the design of Google for creating interface operating systems.


We have created Material Design to streamline the design and implementation, establishing a shared language that helps teams to unite style, branding, interaction and movements into a coherent set of principles

Nicholas Jitkoff, one of the collaborators of design at

Material Design is a young design proposal that has room to grow as it is being incorporated into the new versions of Android, iOS and Web. The principles of Material Design are guided to improve the user experience taking into account the latest technologies.  In theory, Material Design seems to be the ideal solution in the design of applications.

Being based on Boostrap 4 inherits all the capabilities of this to build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.



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